Le Lup

Product description: 

The mission was to create a site specific barstool that would enhance its surroundings while fitting in with the existing decor. The bar I chose was Le Lup, a charming and refined establishment, located in the heart of Paris. I designed a barstool that would contribute to the decadent atmosphere that Le Lup already has. This elegant french barstool was inspired by the shape of a woman's body. The small curved cutout in the back rest is there to enhance the figure, making the user feel sexy and confident. 

All work shown is by Sara Aguilera

I, Sara Aguilera...

... am a designer of functional Art. I am a senior at Otis College of Art and Design, and this is the process in which I created my Senior Thesis. Here you will find a visual record of my creative adventures. All drawings, renderings, models, and quasi-brilliant ideas are the product of my overly active imagination.